Key Tips

  • Aptitude tests are the same as ability tests. The former refers to the potential to acquire knowledge, where as the latter looks at this only in the context of a job.
  • Practice will improve performance on these tests by reducing anxieties and increasing familiarity giving you a better chance on the real test
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Aptitude Tests

These tests are designed to assess an individual’s innate or learned level of competence to undertake a particular task or work, at a given level.

A variety of tests, including ability tests are developed for this purpose where in the context of work, a particular competence is desired in a given area. For example, for an Accountant, individuals may be asked to complete a ‘numerical’ aptitude test.

The difference between Aptitude and Ability may be argued to be the same as that between nature and nurture. Aptitude indicates one’s potential or preference to doing a task, where ability looks at where they are able to do this. For example, for an Accountancy job, you may not be too keen on employing somebody who has a preference for a high-level attention to detail. In Accountancy, a strong preference for high attention to detail is desirable given such an analytical job.

For more information, see our section on ‘Psychometrics’ and ‘Ability tests’.

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