Stage 1

Online Application

The form is divided into various sections including education, career motivation and work experience. Once you have completed the form, you should receive a response within three working days.

Stage 2

Online Numerical Testing

A 30-minute test where you will be assessed on how quick and efficient you are at analysing numerical (or financial) data and draw conclusions.

Stage 3

Online Critical Thinking Test

This test assesses abilities and skills involved in critical thinking. It uses a variety of question types to measure all areas of critical thinking ability via 5 sub-tests:

  • Inference – reviewing information and rating the probability of truth of inferences
  • Recognition of Assumptions – highlighting hidden assumptions among given statements
  • Deduction – assessing whether conclusions are appropriate for the given information
  • Interpretation – weighing up evidence and deciding whether recommendations made are appropriate
  • Evaluation of Arguments – evaluating the strength and relevance of arguments based upon particular questions or issues

In total, the test is comprised of 40 items and must be completed within 30 minutes. There are example questions before each sub-test, though these are also within the confines of the time limit. You may be asked to re-sit your tests when you attend your first interview with Deloitte.

Stage 4

Service Line Questionnaire

A questionnaire which allows you to outline the service line you find most interesting and, whether you are going to study a professional qualification. It is worth noting that this stage is not always used and may be skipped.

If you are successful with our online stages, we’ll then invite you to a first interview – with a trained interviewer – from the service line you have shown a preference for via the service line questionnaire.

Stage 5

First Round Interview

Usually taken place in the office you applied to, this interview assesses your goals and behaviours, and also provides you with greater understanding of Deloitte and its culture. It usually lasts an hour, with sufficient time for questions also being provided. If you have applied for a role within Consulting (excluding Actuarial), you will also be required to partake in a group exercise.

Succeed on the assessment day and you’ll be invited back to complete a final interview.

Stage 6

Final Round Interview

This stage is comprised of a 5-minute presentation, with 10 minutes of questioning, and an interview with a senior member of staff from your preferred service line. You will receive the presentation topic prior to your final interview date. As for the interview itself, it will focus on your values and whether they correspond with Deloitte’s philosophy. It will be a good idea to include examples to back up any core drivers and values you outline.

The final interview for Tax candidates differs slightly in that it focuses more on your attributes and whether they align with the attributes of a successful tax professional.

All candidates should receive a response within three working days.



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