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Our Solutions

  • For your students: world-class preparation for candidate assessment process with top employers

  • 35+ Numerical, Verbal, Logical Reasoning, IPAT, CAPP, Situational Judgement, Personality, Watson Glaser Tests

  • Game-based assessments and AI-powered Video Interviews

  • 4 Full Assessment Centre Exercises with Assessor marking guides: Presentation, In-tray, Group Discussion and Written

  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT) with comprehensive reporting and answers
  • Work Personality Questionnaire (WPQ) with report based on same model as SHL’s OPQ
  • Question Identifier Tool (QIT) – Get an understanding of the types of questions likely to come up in an interview along with how a good answer is structured
  • Expert Reports, ‘normed’ scoring and fully worked solutions with answers
  • Full control by HECS – manage users, track usage, download data and more

  • Disability adjustments – increase time limits
  • Fully branded portal for a seamless process (Sample Portal)
  • Full control by HECS – manage users, track usage and download data
  • Automated access for students, reducing administration time for HECS staff
  • Students can monitor performance using tracking graphs

Some of our HECS partners

See what the HECS’ say

“I just wanted to say I’m so pleased with the way the system is working, the feedback is excellent and it’s so much easier to use than our last provider’s system!  It seems to be really popular with students too, especially as we haven’t even advertised it much yet.”
Careers Adviser, University of Kent
“I am very impressed with Graduates First.  It is very useful to have a resource that enables students to get realistic feedback on their performance. The team are incredibly responsive to requests and a pleasure to work with.”
Careers Consultant, De Montfort University
“We looked at a range of test providers but Graduates First was always a front runner. It did everything we wanted without being over complicated and was competitively priced compared to others. The customer service has always been excellent, providing quick responses to any queries we had. The set up was also extremely quick and simple.”
Careers Development Consultant, Wolverhampton University
“GF have been excellent in responding to our needs, e.g., in one single week we had about 250 students on the module doing 10 tests each. Personally I have found them excellent and pro-active in suggesting solutions to our specific needs.”
Careers Consultant, University of Salford
“The tests are easy to administer and the support from Graduates First is always swift and helpful.”
Careers & Employability Adviser, Manchester Metropolitan University
”Over the last two years the Graduates First package has enabled us to provide hundreds of Loughborough students with an effective and high quality test preparation experience… I’m very impressed at the speed of their response”
Careers Consultant, Loughborough University
“Our good relationship with Saqib was established from the moment we first enquired about Graduates First and were given test use of the package almost immediately. Thanks to him, the whole process ran very smoothly and easily, and once we decided that it was the right product for us and our students, we had full use of the package straight away.”
Graduates Projects Consultant, University of Chester
“Graduates First is an extremely effective and accessible Psychometric Test publisher, providing high quality tests that our students find invaluable in helping them prepare for the ‘real thing’. The strongest feature is the high level of quality feedback provided after each test taken, and very much fits in with the philosophy we are adapting in helping our students prepare for the graduate job selection processes. The staff are always responsive to questions, whilst the organisation continues to improve the service offering through exciting new features and amendments. I highly recommend GraduatesFirst.”
Career Development Consultant, University of Leicester
“…Graduates First offered the best value for money. We use the tests to support workshops and student feedback has been really positive. The flexibility of the system was a key factor in our decision and the customer service was second to none; the system was up and running and available to our students within hours.”
Careers Consultant, University of Southampton
“Here at Edinburgh Napier we have found the Graduates First product to be a very useful addition to our services. Students are now much more engaged with psychometric testing and find the system helpful and easy to use. Support from Graduates First for us has been first class as well. Customer support is helpful and responsive. Graduates First has become indispensable for us as a service. I’d recommend it to any service.”
Careers Adviser, Edinburgh Napier University
“Graduates First offer a very responsive service that is tailored to our university. They are always on hand to suggest solutions or new ways of working with the system. The university branded webpages with links back to our careers pages are also a great feature.”
Careers Consultant, Birmingham City University
“Saqib has provided excellent service…He has been professional in keeping contact with us, communicating in a timely manner, whether he is working from the UK or on overseas visits.”
Careers Consultant, Coventry University
“We moved to Graduates First after SHL stopped providing practise opportunities and the Graduates First tests have been a very good addition”
Senior Career Consultant, University of Leeds

Why Choose Graduates First?

Benefits for Careers Services

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Unlimited tests usage

  • Automated registration – no need for administration by Career Services

  • Fully branded and user friendly portal for better student experience

  • Admin rights allow you to manage and track users by department, gender etc.

  • Simple pricing structure

Benefits for Students

  • Most comprehensive reports available, guaranteed

  • Answers to questions with step by step worked solutions

  • Normed Scoring – it’s what employers look at

  • Users can monitor improvement across tests using charts

  • Access reports at all times from wherever

  • 24/7 Technical support – typical response time less than 2 hours

Test Standards and our Experts

  • Tests designed by previous SHL and Kenexa actual test developers

  • Company set up, owned and operated by BPS Chartered Psychologists and Chartered Scientists

  • Robust industry standard assessments – Extensive Research and Science applied

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